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Looking back on the same boat for three years, looking forward to a brilliant future

2018/12/13 14:29
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“Reviewing the same boat for three years, looking forward to a brilliant future” Suzhou Yujingtai 3rd Anniversary Celebration 2017 Partner Dividend and 2018 Partner Participation Ceremony was successfully held!
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Xiaobian Fancy Blessing Yujingtai moment!
Xiaobian Fancy Blessing Yujingtai moment!
Banquet Hall at Suzhou Taihu Holiday Hotel
All employees of Suzhou Yujingtai and its holding subsidiaries
Congratulations together
Happy birthday of Suzhou Yujingtai Trading Co., Ltd.!
Third anniversary celebration
The stunning sand painting performance kicked off the third anniversary celebration. The company started from Zhenjiang, then to Suzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Tianjin, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, etc. The footprints of the Yujingtai people in these three years Time has traveled through the developed cities along the Yangtze River in China and major countries in Southeast Asia. From wire to building materials, to Basha fish, king crab, bread and crab, the products are constantly enriched, increasing the viscosity of the company and customers. As a Yujingtai who grew up with the company, pride is born.
Sand painting performance
Yu Jingtai employees self-directed and self-directed celebration video "Chasing Dreams", showing the most real working status of Yujingtai people and the most sincere blessing to the company.
The company's vigorous development is inseparable from the hard work of its employees. Working with the heart of craftsmen and treating others with gratitude, since its inception, the company has focused on the core values of “building, sharing and win-win” and strives to be a platform worthy of society. In the past three years of development, the company has emerged a group of outstanding employees. They are on the road to chasing dreams, full of energy, courage to challenge, never give up.
Shanghai Sales Assistant - Wu Xiaojing
Shanghai Yupin Fresh Warehouse Supervisor - Zou Minghao
Senior Sales Manager of Shanghai Sales Company - Liu Bo
Shanghai Yupin Fresh Purchasing Manager - Li Lanshan
Ms. Yu Miao, the general manager, presented commemorative coins to employees who have served the company for three years or more.
The company treats every employee with an open and inclusive attitude, allowing employees to maximize their brilliance in their jobs. YOYO, one of the protagonists of the third anniversary celebration of the employee's participation in the name, is countless. The mascot design as a whole is based on the Monkey King, which means that all employees of Yujingtai can face the difficulties in their work, and they can make a difficult change!
Yu and the YOYO name contributor take a photo
Yujingtai 2017 Partner Dividend Ceremony
As an important part of the company's “co-construction, sharing, and win-win” culture, the partner program aims to attract employees who have made outstanding contributions to the company to become partners of the company, so that outstanding employees can share the corporate development dividend.
Yu Jingtai 2018 Partner Participation Ceremony
Yujingtai insists on building a platform for excellence in trade and achieving more outstanding Yujingtai people. Since the launch of the Partner Program in 2016, three partners have been absorbed so far. In 2018, Yu Jingtai added 11 new partners.
Yu Pinxian 2018 Partner Participation Ceremony
As a consumer goods sector that the company is developing vigorously, Shanghai Yu Pinxian has added 8 partners in 2018.
All partners show
Equity incentive framework program released
At the meeting, the director and deputy general Mr. Lan Yaohua on behalf of the board of directors issued a framework plan for the company's future equity incentives to all employees.
Blue's total equity incentive framework
leader's speech
Ms. Yu Miao, the vice chairman and general manager, told all the staff why the company celebrated its third anniversary and briefly described the relationship between “platform and individual”. Talents are magnified by finding a suitable platform. The platform is deeply rooted by the joining of talents. The two are mutually successful relationships. The company will adhere to the concept of “sincerity, profit, respect, tolerance, and promotion” and seek talents that match the company's management requirements. Finally, Mr. Yu explained the company's future development direction and management requirements to all employees, and encouraged all employees to work together to create a more brilliant future for Yujingtai!
Suzhou Yujingtai staff photo