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Basa fish fillet

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Basha fish is an important freshwater aquaculture species in Vietnam. It is a scorpionfish and a high quality economic fish in Vietnam. Basha fish is delicate and delicious, and is rich in nutrients such as protein, vitamin A and minerals (mainly calcium).
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  Basha fish is an important freshwater aquaculture species in Southeast Asian countries. It belongs to the scorpionfish, and the Paugusiushamiltoa is a scaleless fish. It is a unique high-quality economic fish in the Mekong River. Vietnam is transliterated as “Kabasa” (CABaSa), meaning “three fat fish” because the fish accumulates three large fats in the abdominal cavity during the growth process. , accounting for about 58% of body weight.
  The fish has the advantages of fast growth, large individual, high yield, wide eating habit, easy feeding, tender and tender meat, delicious taste, rich nutrition, no intermuscular thorns, and favorable processing. The seedlings can grow up to 500-800 grams in one year, and can grow to 1500-2000 grams in the following year, and the largest individual can reach 15 kg.
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