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Alaska King Crab

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King crab is also known as emperor crab, stone crab or rock crab, which is the crustacean of the stone crab family. They are mainly distributed in the cold waters. They are named because of their huge size and are known as the "king of crabs".
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  Alaska King Crab (scientific name: Paralithodes camtschatica): The average weight is 10 kg and the average length is 220 mm. The shell is up to 28 cm wide and the feet are fully extended up to 1.8 m. Because it has strong long legs, it is the only crab that can be traversed or erected. The crimson shell is slanted and round, and the body is covered with hard thorns. The legs are long and thick and are characterized by a scalloped tail. There are 5 sets of appendages, the front is a pair of cheeks, and the cheeks on the right side are slightly larger than the left side.
  It grows in the deep and deep waters of the cold, green and pollution-free, its meat is huge and fat, and it is deeply loved and respected by people. It has an unparalleled slightly sweet taste and rich and delicate flesh. It is a high-end food that is favored by consumers and is known as the “King of the Crab”. Naturally distributed in the cold waters of the North Pacific Ocean, from the Sea of Japan, the Sea of Okhotsk to the Bering Sea.
  The Alaska King Crab is a very large crab species with an average weight of 10 kg and an average length of 220 mm. The shell is up to 28 cm wide and the feet are fully extended up to 1.8 m.
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