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"Let's fly and embrace nature" Yu Jingtai's spring development activities

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2016/04/15 16:17
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In the spring of March in Yangchun, the breeze brought in coolness. On the bank of the beautiful Yangcheng Lake in Suzhou, Yujingtai Trade organized a zippering exercise in the spring of 2016. This zip line is the course of the Chengyang Cheng Nei Lake, a total of 15 kilometers.
Small partners are ready to go ~~

The development company attached great importance to this project. In addition to colleagues working in Suzhou, colleagues from offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Zhenjiang gathered in Suzhou to enhance the mutual understanding of the team atmosphere.
Family portrait after zipping

There are many interesting and fascinating behind-the-scenes tidbits in this zipper. What are the wonderful moments for young buddies? ~Please click on the “Read original” in the lower left corner. Xiaobian will show you the wonderful moments!