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With the Belt and Road initiative, Suzhou Yogiant participated in the Vietnam Concrete Pipe Industry Ceremony

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2018/12/13 14:10
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  From May 17,2018 to May 18, 2018, The Vietnam Concrete Pipe Industry Ceremony was successfully held in Ho Chi Minh City, through effort by the Vietnam Pipe Pile Association and Ho Chi Minh Engineering University. In the ceremony, many pipe pile manufacturing companies, suppliers of raw materials and equipment suppliers from the China, Japan, and Korea, Vietnam was attended and exchange their experience.
  Ms. Yu Miao, Chairman and General Manager of Suzhou Yogiant Trading Co., Ltd., Mr. Yin Xing, Minister of International Trade Department, Shang Hai, Manager of Ho Chi Minh Office in Vietnam, and Gong Jianming, Sales Representative of Vietnam Office, were also invited to attend the ceremony.




  The ceremony opened through the unique Vietnamese musical performance, it made participants to feel the unique Vietnam cultural.Phan khac Long, who is leader of the Vietnam Pipe Pile Industry Association, introduced the development trend of the infrastructure development in Vietnam and demand in the future. Also, he was introduced the development of Vietnam Pipe Pile Industry and awarded the medals to the suppliers, which supporting the development of the Vietnamese pipe pile industry.





  As the largest supplier of pipe pile industry in China, Suzhou Yogiant Trading Co., Ltd., we always providing higher quality services to the domestic pipe pile industry. With the Belt and Road initiative, we will explore the Southeast Asian Market in the future.
  According to the 3 years development, we always bring high-quality materials, equipment and other products to customers. We always grow up with our customers and make the value during community, which is the Suzhou Yogiant promise to every customers.